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Chromebook Caravan Commences! photo

Chromebook Caravan Commences!

Chromebook distribution is now underway.  Here are a few things to know as the process unfolds:

  • Chromebooks will only be issued to students who have turned in a permission slip.  If they are turned in late, it may take a little more time to process.

  • All students receive new Chromebook bags when they first enter SVMS.  The Chromebook bag is theirs to use for the duration they are at SVMS and should be returned when they leave.

  • If students would like to purchase bags they may purchase new bags in last year’s style for $15.00 ( or in a few weeks, this year’s style for $18.00), or they may buy gently-used bags at the PTO-run school store on Mondays for $2.00 or they may purchase non-Spartan bags at commercial stores.  The new bags can be bought in the front office.

  • Students and parents should carefully examine the Chromebook for any damage and report it to our desktop engineer.

  • Students whose technology fees have not been paid by September 30th will have to return the Chromebook until the fee has been paid.  To make an online payment for the technology fee, please click HERE.

  • Please remind students to be careful with the devices since there will be charges for damaged or lost Chromebooks.

One of the components of SVMS’ mission to develop 21st Century leaders is to encourage students to be tech-savvy and the use of Chromebooks is one part of that.

Thanks to all of the parent volunteers who have helped with the Chromebook distribution.


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SVMS Spirit Sparkles photo

SVMS Spirit Sparkles

On Monday, September 8th, SVMS students, staff, and families will take on the Water Challenge. This is the third year in a row that they have opened their hearts to those who struggle every day to get clean, drinkable water. For two weeks those who take the Challenge will forego sodas, coffee, juice, bottled water, etc. and only drink tap water. The money they save will be donated to the international nonprofit organization, The Water Project.

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