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Potential severe weather causes schedule changes for Oct. 2 & 3 photo

Potential severe weather causes schedule changes for Oct. 2 & 3

Local and national weather reports indicate that storm systems will bring major amounts of rain to our area this weekend. This could result in street flooding and power outages. With safety as a top priority, Union County Public Schools is canceling all band and athletic activities and events for Friday, Oct. 2 and Saturday, Oct. 3. All regional band competitions have been canceled and athletic events have been rescheduled.

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SVMS to Give Up Drinks for Clean Water  photo

SVMS to Give Up Drinks for Clean Water

Staff and students at SVMS are taking part in a different kind of fundraiser. Instead of raising money for themselves, they are raising money for people they will likely never meet, who live in places they will likely never visit, and whose life challenges they will likely never experience. Starting Monday, September 21st for two weeks they will take part in a program known as The Water Challenge. This fundraiser benefits people in Africa who don’t have access to a sustainable water supply. The Water Challenge asks participants to forgo all non-water beverages for two weeks and divert that money from personal consumption to a donation to the work of The Water Project (www.thewaterproject.org). The premise is simple; 1+1=1 One Promise: One Band: One Life. Participants wear a special wristband, drink tap or filtered water instead of spending money at coffee shops or soda machines, and donate what they would have spent. In other words, no money has to be pulled from savings or contributed by other people; money is simply re-purposed. The Goal? Each participant raises enough to bring clean water to one person; or about $23.

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