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SVMS Walk-a-thon Is Almost Here! photo

SVMS Walk-a-thon Is Almost Here!

SVMS’s 3rd Annual Strides for Success Fundraiser is in full swing. We have a hefty goal this year of $30,000 and your donations are needed for us to meet this goal. We are hoping to receive a min. of $20 in donations from each of our students. As a reward for raising $20 or more in donations, students will be able to participate in our Walk-a-thon Fun Day and will receive a full dress down day. The students will enjoy a day filled with entertainment, keynote speaker, games and free refreshments.
$25 or more in donations enters you in our raffle drawings of numerous prizes, including Checkers tickets, gift cards, Panthers merchandise signed by Greg Olson, movie baskets and so much more.
All donations will be invested directly back into SVMS. The PTO encourages your support for our school and our 2015 Strides For Success Fundraiser. Thank you!

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A Trip of a Lifetime photo

A Trip of a Lifetime

As one student said, “I wished for snow this year…AND I GOT IT!!” It just so happens, this wish came true in Washington D.C.! After months of planning, collecting money, and preparing the 7th grade students for an exciting journey to our nation’s capital, the day finally arrived…and with it the snow. What began as an early-morning bus departure from SVMS soon became an exciting and snow-filled journey to Washington D.C.

Once they arrived, news soon came to the travelers that much, if not most, of the District of Columbia had been shut down due to the snow. So began a day at the hotel filled with snowballs, a pizza party for dinner and time spent preparing for the next, and hopefully, tour-filled day. With fingers crossed, the chaperons and tour guides, after preparing the students for their first night in the hotel, began waiting for word that the next day would bring better conditions and the ability to resume their journey to the monuments and museums of D.C.

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